How Virtual Cocktail Classes Bring Corporate Teams Together

We all miss seeing each other and are eager for things to return to the way things used to be. Having a drink together is something we used to do all the time so with Cocktails from home I wanted to create a new way of sharing drinks and experiences together. For corporate teams that have embraced new ways of accommodating hybrid remote and in person teams these virtual events can be the answer to this togetherness.

A kit shows up on your door that is basically a 101 level bar kit. Everyone gets the same custom kit of ingredients with a set of bar tools that any professional bartender would be comfortable with.With that kit you’ll be able to create almost any cocktail technique you can imagine. Of course, we will teach you a few of them to get started. You’ll walk away from class with the bartender level skills of learning to flame an orange zest, and be able to flaunt the perfect shaking technique.

The experience of our class is curated to set you up to be prepared, learn something new and have a lot of fun while doing it. With your new kit you won’t have anything extra that will just take up space in your closet and never get used, it’s just the essentials. 

During class we teach you the techniques to use your bar tools to the fullest. We use the most premium syrups to craft unique signature recipes and flavors and we use fresh citrus in almost all of our recipes. The citrus is chosen the morning your kit ships out so it arrives fresh. We even do some fun drinks with Pop Rocks! We can teach you how to do the classics, or you can try some of our signature recipes which our customers have been raving about. We are constantly changing our menu to reflect the seasons so the flavors reflect the mood of a Pumpkin Spiced Old Fashioned in the fall and a Watermelon Collins in the summer.  

A Cocktails From Home virtual event brings people together to have a little fun. It’s like going to a party and seeing all your friends, enjoying some drinks together and getting a cool set of bar tools as a gift. We can explain all the secrets you’ve wondered about what goes into the most complex of cocktails or the simplest go-to drinks you order at the bar. We also aim to give a little added history lesson of where ingredients and drinks originated.

We want you to learn and walk away with new skills that you can share with your friends and family. You’ll be able to answer questions like why you shake some cocktails but stir others. If you have any kinds of cocktail related questions we have your answer and we like to keep classes interactive. Trust us, there will be plenty of notes to compare the next day on the Zoom call.

At the end of the day we prioritize making class interactive so everyone can participate. You can show off your favorite brands of liquor that you keep at home and tell us why you like them! Let’s see what everybody’s using and get some inspiration from our friends and coworkers about new things to try! If you have a cool collection or maybe a really rare bottle? Show it off! It’s a shared experience with people who matter to you. And you can do it in your slippers, no one will know!

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